Binh Ba Island – A Famous Destination For Scuba Divers

Binh Ba Island is known as one of the tourist destinations that attracts many visitors for sightseeing and entertainment, especially during holidays and festivals. Binh Ba Island not only offers breathtaking natural scenery but also provides a wide range of activities for visitors to experience when they set foot on the island. Let’s explore all the interesting things about Binh Ba Island through the following information with Boma.

Journey to Binh Ba Island Nha Trang

To have a complete and convenient trip to Binh Ba Island, you need to have some information about its geographical location, transportation methods, and suitable time to visit.

Where is Binh Ba Island located?

Binh Ba Island is a famous tourist island in Nha Trang under the jurisdiction of Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province. Binh Ba Island covers a total area of about 3km2, with clear and pristine waters and a vast sea. Moreover, the local residents living on the island are very friendly and welcoming. They are ready to provide full support to tourists and are well-liked by visitors. Additionally, the transportation to the island is quite convenient, and the prices are reasonable, which is a plus point for tourists.

đảo bình ba

Geographical location of Binh Ba island (Source: Internet)

How to get to Binh Ba Island?

To get to Binh Ba Island, if you are starting from Cam Ranh Airport in Nha Trang City, you can continue by taking a passenger bus to Binh Ba Island. In the case of traveling by motorbike or car, you can find a parking lot near the port to leave your vehicle before continuing the journey. To reach Binh Ba Island, you will travel by boat, and here are some details:

  • Departure time options: 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM.
  • Return boat schedule: 5:00 AM – 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM.
  • Travel time: 30 minutes to 60 minutes per trip.
  • Ticket prices (reference): 25,000 VND per trip to 40,000 VND per trip, depending on the type of boat.

Additionally, Binh Ba Island has a relatively small area, so tourists can explore the island on foot or use motorbikes to tour around.

đảo bình ba

Some ways to move and go to Binh Ba island (Source: Internet)

The ideal time to travel to Binh Ba

You can visit Binh Ba Island at any time of the year, but the ideal time is from March to October. If you visit and enjoy the island during this period, you will immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with clear blue sea, calm and peaceful with fewer waves, and beautiful sunshine in the morning. Moreover, it is recommended to visit Binh Ba Island on weekdays rather than weekends, as weekends tend to be crowded and may result in overcrowding. Therefore, it could affect the completeness of your trip.

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Diving enthusiasts should not miss these destinations when visiting Binh Ba!

Where should you go to have fun and take Instagram-worthy photos? Here are some attractive places to remember:

Hill of Pampas Grass

The Hill of Pampas Grass is one of the unique spots on Binh Ba Island. It exudes a gentle and romantic atmosphere with the pink hues of the beautiful pampas grass. Starting from when you arrive on Binh Ba Island, continue along the road up the hill, and you will see Hon Rua (Turtle Island) at the foot of the hill. Keep walking for another 300 meters, and you will reach the Hill of Pampas Grass. If you want to capture the most exquisite and adorable memories, this hill is an ideal location for you.

đồi cỏ lau

Grass hill is a famous place for visitors to check-in (Source: Internet)

The Pig Cave Abyss

The reason this place is called the Pig Cave Abyss is that in the past, this area was home to many pigs. However, due to the treacherous terrain with steep slopes, the pigs often fell into the abyss, to the point where people named this place the Pig Cave Abyss.

The Pig Cave Abyss is a unique and intriguing destination that attracts many curious visitors. When you arrive at the Pig Cave Abyss, you will see vertical rock walls with clear seawater. Moreover, the Pig Cave Abyss is also a beautiful spot to admire the sunrise on Binh Ba Island.

vực hầm heo

The pig tunnel has a unique name (Source: Internet)

Turtle Island

Turtle Island is a place blessed by nature with a beautiful and tranquil scenery. It features smooth white sandy beaches and crystal-clear seawater that allows you to see the bottom. Moreover, Turtle Island is known for its stunning coral reefs, making it a perfect spot for visitors to capture “Instagrammable” photos.

hòn rùa

Turtle Island attracts tourists by its peaceful scenery and impressive beauty (Source: Internet)

Old House Beach

Old House Beach stands out with its clear and clean seawater. It is often regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches on Turtle Island. However, swimming is not recommended at this beach due to the presence of numerous small rocks, which can cause injuries if accidentally bumped into. Nevertheless, Old House Beach features many colorful and impressive coral reefs that are visually captivating.

bãi nhà cũ

Bai Nha Cu is one of the most beautiful beaches in Binh Ba Island (Source: Internet)

Chuong Beach

Chuong Beach may not have the romantic and refined beauty like Old House Beach, but it carries a simple and down-to-earth “color” of everyday life. When visiting Chuong Beach, you will immerse yourself in the lively and bustling atmosphere of market gatherings when boats come ashore. At the same time, you will also enjoy the peaceful ambiance of early mornings with the picturesque scene of dozens of anchored boats.

bãi chướng

Bai Chuong contains peace with poetic scenery on Binh Ba island (Source: Internet)

Nom Beach

Nom Beach is located between two mountain ranges, which makes the sea water always calm and more beautiful with its smooth white sandy beach and a truly peaceful scenery. Nom Beach is located in the southern part of Binh Ba Island, so you won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of sunrise or sunset. Instead, the bustling and lively atmosphere with many beachgoers will add a refreshing touch to your spirit.

bãi nồm

Nom beach with a bustling scene when many tourists swim and play (Source: Internet)

Exploring the unique culture and cuisine on Binh Ba Island, Nha Trang

As you may know, Binh Ba Island is famous for its delicious seafood, meticulously prepared with unmatched flavors. The culinary culture on the island is diverse, and the prices are affordable, making it a favorite among food enthusiasts. When visiting Binh Ba Island, you should definitely try the following delicious dishes in Nha Trang:

  • Grilled lobster with salt and chili
  • Mai fish salad
  • Various types of snails
  • Fresh spring rolls
  • Rice paper with shrimp paste and fermented shrimp sauce

If you choose to stay at a resort or homestay, you can visit Binh Ba Market to buy fresh seafood and request the staff to prepare it according to your preferences.

tôm hùm nướng

Grilled lobster is a specialty dish in Binh Ba island (Source: Internet)

Some notes when visiting Binh Ba Island

In reality, Binh Ba Island is a military-controlled island, so visitors should avoid entering restricted areas, especially foreign visitors who are not allowed to go to the island. Furthermore, when traveling to Binh Ba Island, you should prepare your personal documents such as your ID card, passport, and cash because there are no ATMs on the island for cash withdrawals. Therefore, not having enough cash can be inconvenient for transactions such as dining and entertainment. Additionally, fresh water is scarce on Binh Ba Island, so visitors should use water sparingly. Moreover, when visiting and enjoying activities on the island, it is important to maintain cleanliness and not litter, as Binh Ba Island faces significant environmental pollution and waste problems.

đảo bình ba

What should tourists pay attention to when coming to play at Binh Ba Island (Source: Internet)

In short, Binh Ba island is an ideal place for tourists to have fun, visit and rest after a long tiring day of studying and working. This place is also an ideal destination for scuba divers. Boma Nha Trang hopes that you will have wonderful and unforgettable experiences in Binh Ba Island with your relatives, family, and friends.


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