Đó Theatre – Remarkable architectural structures in Nha Trang

When mentioning the coastal region of Nha Trang, in addition to the white sandy beaches and refreshing blue sea, there are also fascinating tourist attractions in Nha Trang that you shouldn’t overlook. One of the distinctive sightseeing destinations is Đó Theatre. Let’s join Boma in discovering the interesting architectural features and activities at this place through the article below.

Theatre Đó – An Unmissable Destination

“Theatre Đó” is a phrase that impresses listeners right from the first encounter. The name “Theatre Đó” originated from the idea of “đó,” a traditional and longstanding tool used by Vietnamese fishermen for catching fish. It not only makes an impression with its name but also attracts visitors with its architecture when they set foot here. Theatre Đó is considered one of Vietnam’s rare works of art, shaped like a magnificent đó (fishing tool), situated right by Nha Trang Bay. The operational method of Theatre Đó is also of top-notch quality, as all artistic performances held here must meet strict standards and possess international stature.

Furthermore, Theatre Đó serves as a perfect living testament to the mobilization of social factors and resources invested in art and culture-related products.

Address of Đó Theatre

Theatre Đó is located very close to resort nha trang Boma and is situated within an artistic, resort, and entertainment complex. Furthermore, Theatre Đó is “surrounded” by remarkable landmarks and is easily accessible via convenient transportation routes.

To facilitate your journey, it is recommended to depart from the city center, pass through 2/4 Square, then follow the coastal road called Trần Phú Street and cross Trần Phú Bridge to reach Phạm Văn Đồng Avenue. Along this route from the city center to Theatre Đó, tourists will pass by famous tourist destinations such as Nha Trang Cruise Port, Hon Chong, and Amiana Resort before reaching Theatre Đó

  • Address: Part of Vega City, Bãi Tiên, Phạm Văn Đồng Boulevard, Vĩnh Hải Ward, Nha Trang City, Khánh Hòa Province.

nhà hát đó

The scene of Đó Theater in the evening with shimmering lights (Source: Internet)

Ticket Prices for Theatre Performances

If visitors come to Theatre Đó for sightseeing purposes, it is completely free of charge. However, if you wish to experience the Rối Mơ (Dream Puppet) art performance, there are different ticket tiers available with the following prices:

  • Dragon Class (VVIP): 1,100,000 Vietnamese đồng per ticket per person
  • Tiger Class (VIP): 900,000 Vietnamese đồng per ticket per person
  • Zodiac Class (Standard): 800,000 Vietnamese đồng per ticket per person

Ticket purchasing conditions for different target segments are as follows:

  • Children aged 5 and below 120cm in height are charged at 70% of the adult ticket price.
  • Elderly individuals (above 60 years old) are also charged at 70% of the adult ticket price.
  • Children above 120cm in height are charged the equivalent of an adult ticket price.

Visitors can directly visit Theatre Đó for sightseeing and ticket purchases.

The Unique Architecture of Đó Theatre

Not only standing out with its unique and unfamiliar name, the architecture of Theatre Đó is always a highlight that attracts many visitors for sightseeing and entertainment. So, what makes the architecture of this place special?

The Exquisite Beauty of the Đó Shape

With its distinctive and impressive đó-shaped design, this architectural style aims to elevate the cultural value of the Vietnamese people, as the đó is a traditional tool used for fishing that has existed for a long time. This exquisite beauty is highly appreciated not only by Vietnamese visitors but also by foreign guests who are impressed by this design. During the morning or in the evening, Theatre Đó becomes even more prominent with its sparkling and warm lights, making it an ideal “fancy” check-in spot for young people whenever they visit.

chiếc Đó

Đó Theater stands out with its unique architecture, bearing national imprints (Source: Internet)

The Grand Stage at Theatre Đó

When visiting Theatre Đó, the scale of the stage is another prominent feature that attracts all visitors. Theatre Đó boasts a total area of up to 2,500 square meters, which is an impressive figure showcasing its large scale. It is built according to strict standards and has an international stature. The construction materials used for Theatre Đó are of high quality and durability, designed and built by numerous construction units, including both domestic and international teams.

Inside Theatre Đó, there is a mechanical system invested and built according to international standards, along with state-of-the-art stage equipment. In addition, Theatre Đó features a 240-square-meter water tank and a spacious auditorium with 536 seats for visitors. Furthermore, the sound system of Theatre Đó is also a “plus point” for those who come to enjoy the artistic performances. The sound equipment is imported from France and is one of the rare facilities in Vietnam that utilizes 20 automatic flybars.

đó space

Spacious and airy space with more than 536 seats for visitors (Source: Internet)

The Artistic World on the Stage of Đó Theatre

When mentioning Theatre Đó, one cannot forget about the world-class artistic performances such as “Life Puppets – Dream Puppetry.” The performances are presented directly on the stage using entirely handmade techniques, bringing the most emotional and wonderful experiences to the audience.

Different from traditional water puppetry, in the Life Puppets show, there are completely unique performances with bamboo puppets that convey various emotions. Moreover, visitors will be delighted by the combination of contemporary dance art and motion sensor technology.

In the Dream Puppetry performance, visitors will have the opportunity to witness the excellent and elaborate show on the grand stage with a multilingual and multidimensional style (in terms of space). The stories portrayed by the artists revolve around life, being realistic, sophisticated, and providing various emotional experiences.

nghệ nhân múa

Dance art of world-class artists (Source: Internet)

Some Interesting Activities Outside Đó Theatre

After experiencing all the activities and attractions at Theatre Đó and still craving for more excitement, you can participate in the following activities to make your trip even more meaningful:

Experience a Relaxing Retreat at Boma Nha Trang

At Boma Nha Trang, there is a luxury resort that offers an excellent retreat for you and your family. At Boma Nha Trang, you can not only enjoy various recreational and entertainment activities but also indulge in the peaceful and gentle atmosphere of the famous coastal landscape. Moreover, at Boma Nha Trang, you will be highly satisfied with the excellent quality of service, competitive prices, and meeting all the needs of the visitors.

boma resort

Boma Nha Trang Resort with unique natural landscape and lightness of the sea (Source: Internet)

Visit Ocean Park Coral Park

Ocean Park Coral Park is one of the destinations that offers a fantastic experience for you and your children. With a preference for exploring new things, Ocean Park Coral Park will bring a peaceful and joyful atmosphere of outdoor camping. Here, you can capture the most beautiful moments with your small family.

Vega Yacht

One of the distinctive activities in Nha Trang that you must try is experiencing a yacht tour around the southern seas of this coastal city. With this activity, tourists will have a more authentic view of the surrounding scenery and a clear appreciation of the beauty of the place. When experiencing Vega Yacht, you will immerse yourself and enjoy the tranquility and peace that the landscape here brings.


Vega Yacht brings relaxation, peace and true view of the landscape in Nha Trang (Source: Internet)

The above article gives you the unique architectural beauty of That Theater as well as the address and ticket price for the impressive puppet show show. Boma believes that this place will be a great experience and leave a deep impression in the hearts of every visitor whether Vietnamese or foreigner.

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