Hon Mun Nha Trang: Paradise beneath the Sea

Nestled serenely in the beautiful waters of Nha Trang, Hon Mun proudly stands as a precious gem of Vietnam, an ideal destination for those who love immersing themselves in the untouched beauty and mystery of the ocean. With its captivating traditional charm, this island not only allures with its smooth white sands but also with the secrets beneath the stunning azure waters. Let’s explore Hon Mun Nha Trang with Boma Nha Trang in the following article.

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About Hon Mun Nha Trang

Where is Hon Mun Nha Trang?

Covering an area of over 160 km2, Hon Mun Island lies peacefully southeast of Bong Nguyen Island, a prominent natural landmark exuding allure. Located approximately 14 km from the city center of Nha Trang, it sits amidst the vast sea, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Hon Mun is like a precious gem hidden deep in the waters of Khanh Hoa, creating a tranquil space, an ideal sanctuary for those seeking to escape the noisy city life and enjoy the peace of nature.

Exploring Hon Mun, you’ll be immersed in pristine beauty, surrounded by a magnificent coastline and fresh air. From the Da Bridge port, a journey of about 10 km to the south, you’ll encounter a remarkable island, famous as a precious gem of Nha Trang. Here, it’s not just a travel experience; it’s an endless adventure in the world beneath the ocean.

The Best Time to Visit Hon Mun

According to the experience of travelers who have explored Hon Mun Nha Trang, from July to September is the best time to immerse yourself in the enchanting space of Nha Trang. During this period, the Nha Trang sky is radiant with sunshine, and the sea is crystal clear, providing an exciting diving experience among the vibrant marine life.

However, from late October to December, storms and rain may occur, so it’s advisable to check the weather forecast before starting your Nha Trang journey. You can choose different months to ensure you have a complete and unaffected travel experience, avoiding the harsh weather. Let Nha Trang make each of your trips special and full of memories.

Hon Mun Nha Trang Ticket Prices

Entrance ticket: VND 22,000/adult, VND 11,000/child.
Snorkeling ticket: Approximately VND 500,000/person.
Basket boat tour ticket: VND 20,000/adult, VND 10,000/child.

Exciting Activities at Hon Mun Nha Trang

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Diving to Explore the Ocean

The famous islands at Hon Mun not only offer a fantastic seascape but also boast a diverse and vibrant marine ecosystem. Diving into the clear blue waters, you’ll encounter various coral reefs, the habitat of thousands of diverse marine species with colorful hues.

Beach Bathing and Water Sports

Enjoying moments of relaxation and excitement on the beach is an essential part of the travel experience at Hon Mun. Beach activities here are not only an opportunity to immerse yourself in the cool and clear seawater but also a time to enjoy the salty sea breeze of Hon Mun.

In addition to relaxing on the shore, you also have the opportunity to participate in various water sports such as surfing, kayaking, or simply playing water ball, making the moments on the beach lively and exciting.

Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

If you visit Hon Mun and want to explore the beauty under the ocean without diving deep or if you have health concerns, experience the interesting journey on the glass-bottom boat. This is not just a means of transportation on the sea but also a window opening to a fantastic world beneath the sea at Hon Mun.

The round-designed glass-bottom boat, resembling a basket boat, has a special feature: its transparent glass bottom. This allows passengers to sit comfortably and admire the sparkling coral reefs and various unique fish and marine creatures that Hon Mun offers. Each movement of the boat is like an adventure, revealing new and endlessly fascinating discoveries.

Sea Walking


With the sea walking tour at Hon Mun, tourists will be equipped with specialized equipment, making it easy to control breathing and comfortably explore underwater. The ticket price for this experience can range from VND 600,000 per person and up, a small investment to discover a mysterious new world.

The tour is organized daily from 9:00 to 16:00, in group form, providing tourists with the opportunity to meet and share impressions about the wonders that the Hon Mun ocean brings. Sea walking is not only an exciting activity but also a chance for tourists to enjoy the unique and unforgettable beauty of the sea at Hon Mun in a different way.

Boma Nha Trang has taken you through the journey of exploring Hon Mun Nha Trang in the above article. To complete your vacation at Hon Mun, come to Boma Nha Trang – a 5-star resort along the stunning coastline of the city. At Boma Nha Trang, you will experience luxurious spaces, well-equipped rooms, and dedicated customer care services.


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