Binh Hung Island Nha Trang: Enjoy A Wonderful Vacation

One of the worthy places for you to set foot in and create wonderful memories with your family and friends is Binh Hung Island – Nha Trang. This place not only stands out with its stunning natural scenery but also offers many amazing experiences for tourists with various exciting activities. Let’s enjoy a fantastic vacation on Binh Hung Island, Nha Trang with Boma!

Where is Binh Hung Island located?

Binh Hung Island, also known as Hon Chut, is a small island under the jurisdiction of Cam Binh commune, Khanh Hoa province, Cam Ranh City. This island is named uniquely because it is a small island belonging to Cam Binh commune, Khanh Hoa province, Cam Ranh city. This place promises to be a tourist attraction in Nha Trang for every tourist visit.

Binh Hung Island, Nha Trang, is famous for its special location, as it serves as a “bridge” between Ninh Thuan Province and Khanh Hoa Province. If tourists travel along the coastal defense road in Ninh Thuan province, combined with Binh Tien coastal dunes, the provincial road system of Ninh Thuan, which is located in the coastal area of Binh Hung Island, is under the control of Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa.

There are three transportation methods to get to Binh Hung Island, including:

  • By airplane: You will land at Cam Ranh Airport, then transfer by car to Bai Kinh and continue to Binh Hung Island by boat.
  • By train: You will take a train to Cam Ranh, then take another train to Binh Hung Island.
  • By car: You can also choose Cam Ranh as your destination, then travel to Binh Hung Island by boat.

đảo bình hưng

Binh Hung Island is a “bridge” between Ninh Thuan and Khanh Hoa provinces (Source: Internet)

Explore Binh Hung Island tourist area

Binh Hung not only possesses beautiful natural landscapes islands in Nha Trang but also offers a fantastic vacation experience when you stop by to explore and have fun on this island at the following places:

Freshwater beach

The freshwater beach will captivate visitors from the very first moment they set foot here. This is because the freshwater beach boasts cool, crystal-clear water, with majestic mountain ranges surrounding it on three sides. With such stunning natural scenery, you can fully enjoy it by camping overnight with your family and friends and witnessing the glorious sunrise at this location. The freshwater beach is undoubtedly one of the ideal stopovers for all tourists.

bãi nước ngọt

Camping on a freshwater beach is the perfect way to enjoy your vacation (Source: Internet)

Kinh Beach

Are you looking to visit a place that combines both land and sea elements? Then Bai Kinh is definitely the perfect place for you. If you depart from the city to Binh Hung by motorbike or car, you can take the initiative to stop by to swim, play, and explore Bai Kinh before continuing your journey. On the other hand, if you travel from Binh Hung Island to Bai Kinh, you will need to take a boat to reach the beach. Upon arrival at Bai Kinh, tourists can set up camp to enjoy the rich natural scenery and peaceful atmosphere here.

bãi kình

Bai Kinh possesses great beauty and is a place that combines two elements of land and sea (Source: Internet)

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Cay Me Beach

If tourists want to visit Cay Me Beach, they will need to travel by boat as there is no footpath for pedestrians to reach the beach. Cay Me Beach stands out with a large rock in the middle of the beach, which attracts many tourists to “check in,” making it an iconic spot when someone mentions Cay Me Beach. Moreover, Cay Me Beach also features clear and pristine water, often jokingly compared to a “swimming pool.”

bãi cây me

The prominent rock in the middle of Tamarind Beach has automatically become a “symbol” when someone mentions this place (Source: Internet)

Cha La Beach

Cha La Beach is located adjacent to the freshwater beach and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Binh Hung. The natural landscape at Cha La Beach is truly stunning, surrounded by lush trees and clusters of rocky mountains. The water is clear, cool, and perfect for activities such as swimming, kayaking, and banana boat rides, making it a very enjoyable experience.

bãi chà là

Cha La Beach with clear water attracts many tourists (Source: Internet)

Egg Stone Beach

Egg Stone Beach possesses a very unique name due to the rock formations that resemble dinosaur eggs. These rocks are large, round, and prominent. When visiting Egg Stone Beach, tourists can freely take photos for “check-in” moments. However, due to the nature of the beach with numerous rocks, swimming is not possible at this location.

bãi đá trứng

Egg Stone Beach is more suitable for taking pictures than swimming (Source: Internet)

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Hon Chut Lighthouse

Hon Chut Lighthouse is an ancient and iconic symbol of the untouched beauty of Binh Hung Island, as they have been standing for hundreds of years. Would you like to immerse yourself in the stunning natural scenery, fresh air, and peaceful atmosphere? Don’t hesitate to climb to the top of the lighthouse, where you can gaze upon the surrounding landscape, and observe and appreciate the beauty of the area. It will undoubtedly make you feel relaxed and serene.

hải đăng hòn chút

Hon Chut Lighthouse is a place where you can admire the surrounding natural landscape in a peaceful and poetic space (Source: Internet)

An Hill Binh Hung Tourist Area

The An Hill Binh Hung tourist area will provide you with the experience of witnessing the sunrise right at your doorstep and feeling the natural sea breeze. In addition to the bungalows available for tourists to rest, the An Hill Binh Hung tourist area is also a luxurious destination for young people to indulge in “Instagrammable” moments.

An Hill

One of the stunning “Instagrammable” corners at An Hill Binh Hung tourist area (Source: Internet)

Fun activities on Binh Hung Island

If you only visit, it will certainly be boring, right? Therefore, when visiting Binh Hung Island, tourists should experience some exciting recreational activities at least once in their lifetime:

Beach Camping

One of the activities that allow you to enjoy a fantastic vacation on Binh Hung Island is beach camping. When camping on the beach, you can experience the fresh air and peaceful scenery of the sea. Moreover, you can witness the sunrise on the beach and capture this beautiful moment in the best possible way.

cắm trại trên biển

Camping at sea is an activity that you should try once in your life (Source: Internet)

Indulge in culinary delights in raft house

When you’re at the beach, you can’t forget to savor the delicious dishes in raft house. At raft house on Binh Hung Island, you can indulge in various best food in Nha Trang such as grilled squid with green chili, grilled lobster, grilled scallops, and more. With their distinctive and mouthwatering flavors at affordable prices, the culinary scene in raft house will not disappoint you.

tôm hùm nướng

Grilled lobster is a delicious dish you should enjoy when coming to Binh Hung Island, Nha Trang (Source: Internet)

Other activities on the beach

In addition to sightseeing and enjoying local delicacies, some other activities will bring joy and excitement to visitors, such as:

Banana Boat Ride

Riding a banana boat is a thrilling and popular activity that attracts many adventurous tourists. Just sit on the banana boat, hold on tight to the handle, and experience the sensation of gliding on the waves with the help of a speedboat, reaching speeds of 50km/h to 80km/h. It’s an exhilarating underwater experience.


Due to the clear and cool waters surrounding the beaches on Binh Hung Island, visitors can enjoy snorkeling activities here. When snorkeling, you will be equipped with the necessary underwater safety gear and have the opportunity to see the stunning coral reefs up close.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is similar to canoeing and provides a thrilling experience for those who enjoy riding the waves. The rental price for jet skis usually ranges from 200,000 VND to 250,000 VND for a 30-minute ride. It’s an affordable option for an adrenaline-filled adventure.

In short, visitors can freely enjoy a wonderful holiday on Binh Hung Nha Trang island with very interesting and attractive sightseeing and entertainment activities. Boma hopes you will have a memorable vacation when you come to Binh Hung Nha Trang Island. To find Nha Trang 5 star resorts to make your trip more complete, please contact Boma Nha Trang!


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